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Allows 2 to 10 merchants that share a space
to share a single payment terminal. 
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How does it work?

About the solution

The solution allows 2 to 10 merchants to share a single terminal, regardless of their business sector.

Each merchant has their own personalized account and deposits are made to independent accounts. When taking or making a payment, merchants simply enter their ID or select their name from the programmed list of merchants. 

Merchants have the option of adding a unique password for their account that's different from the administrative password. 

The solution is available on Classic Signature terminals (iCT250).


Discover the advantages of the multi-merchant solution.



  • Split the cost of the monthly rental fees. Save up to $180 per year and per merchant 
  • Additional discount on the monthly rental fee for Desjardins members


  • Simplify business management
  • Customize the options for each merchant
  • Free up counter space

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